T. K. Joseph (Ed.)
Kerala Society Papers

The Kerala Society Papers, published some sixty years ago, is a collection of scholarly articles on various topics like Kulasekhara Alvar, Annals and Antiquities of Thiruvalla, Kandalur salai, Pahlavi Cross - Inscription of South India, St. Thomas and His Feasts, Slavery in Kerala, CI. Munro, castes of Malabar, Music and Royal House of Travancore etc., A number of primary sources are also published in the Journal like 'Some Travancore Dynastic Records' (4 parts) and 'Mudaliyar Manuscript'.

C.E.A.W. Oldham wrote in the Indian Antiquary in 1931: "The Society is fortunate in having secured the collaboration of so many scholars of note, which seems to be largely due to the exertions of the Secretary Mr. T.K. Joseph whose devotion to the interests of the Society is apparent through these papers"

1. Some Travancore Dynastic Records : M. Rajaraja Varma Raja, M.A., B.L
2. Kulasekhara Alvar : K.G Sesha Aiyar, B.A B.L., M.A.R.A.S
3. Buchanan M.SS at Cambridge : Professor F.C. Burkitt, D.D
4. Peter Louis, S.J., or the first Indian Jesuit : The Rev. H. Hosten. S.J
5. A. Note on the World Manuvan : Dr. Jivanji Jamshedji Modi, C.I.E.
6. St. Francis Xavier in South Travancore : The Rev. G. Schurhammer, S.J
7. A Cave Temple at Trupparappu : T.K. Joseph.
8. A Buried Temple, Some Cists, & Other Antiquities : T.K. Joseph
  Series 2. 1929    
1. Annals and Antiquities of Trivualla : V. Raghavan Nambyar
2. Vira Kerala Chakravarti : K.N. Daniel
3. A Short Note on kandalur Salai : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
4. An inscription of Rajendra Cola : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
5. A Clay-Tablet Inscription from Verapoly : The Rev. B.A. Bonaventure, C.D
6. The hand Dipping Ordeal : T. K. Joseph, B.A., L.T
7. The Date of Kulasekhara Alvar:Some Remarks : K.N. Daniel and K.G. Sesha Aiyar
8. The Cave Temple at Trupparappu :  
  Series 3. 1930    
1. Some Travancore Dynastic Records, 2nd Series : M. Rajaraja Varma Raja
2. The Date of Kulasekhara Alvar : K.N. Daniel and K.G. Sesha Aiyar
3. Brahma Pratishatha : T.K. Joseph
4. Rankirti Tatam:A South Indian Warrior of the 8th Century : T.K. Joseph
5. Peumal Pallivanavar : Vidvan P.K padmanabha Panikkar
6. Pallivanavar : K.C. Cheriyan
7. A raman Varma Inscriptions of 654 M.E. : T. K. Joseph
8. A new Interpretation of Pahlavi Cross-Inscription of South India : C.P.T. Winckworth
9. A Hebrew Inscription from Parur : T.K. Joseph
  Series 4. 1930    
1. The Magna Charta of the St. Thomas Christians. : The Rev. J. Monterio D' Aguiar,The Rev. H. Hosten, S.J. and T. K. Joseph
2. The Malabar Christian Copper-plates. : T.K. Joseph
3. Studies in the Term Tali : A. Govinda warier, B.A B.L.
4. The Rev. Benjamin Bailey and the Kottayam C.M.S. Press : John Chandy
5. A ravi Varma Inscription of 834 M.E : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
6. Some Malayalam Word & their Identification : The Rev. G. Schuhammer, S.J
7. A Submerged Inscriptions at Trivandrum : T.K. Joseph
  Series 5. 1930    
1. The St. Thomas Christiansof Malabar (A.D. 1490-1504) : The Rev. h. Hosten, S.J.
2. Kalakkad Raja: An Ancient Travancore Prince, l614 m.E : R. Chidambarakrishna Aiyar
3. Revised interpretation of the Pahlavi Cross Inscription of South India : C.P.T. Winckworth
4. A new Inscription of Jatilavarma Kulasekhara, 1190-1216 A.D : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
5. Slavery in Kerala : The Rev. W.S. Hunt
6. Hebrew Inscription from Parur: Notes : Dr. H. Loewe
  Series 6. 1930    
1. St. Thomas and His Feasts : F.C. Burkitt, D.D
2. Some Remarks on Series 4 of K.S.P : The Rev. G. Schurhammer, S.J
3. Letters of Joao da Cruz, a Nair Ambassador, 1515-ca.37.A.D : The Rev. G. Schurhammer, S.J
4. Gonsalvez: Manuscript History of Malabar, 1615 A. 307D : The Rev. G. Schurhammer, S.J
5. A Palm-leaf Manuscript of 448 M.E : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
6. Ancient Forts at Kalkulam and Udayagri : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
7. A Tradition from Valliyur : S. Desivinayagam Pillai
8. Relation between kashmir and Kerala : Pandit S. Anand Koul
9. Notes on the Pahlavi, Kufic & Hebrew to the signatures to Quilon Plates : C.P.T. Winckworth and F.C. Burkitt 320-323
10. Nepal and Kerala : T.K. Joseph
11. The Kerala mamankam : K.V. Krishna Aiyar, M.A., L.T
12. Pallivanavar in Kiliroor : Vidwan P.K. Padmanbha Panikkar
13. A Vatteluttu Ola 301 Years Old : T.K. Joseph
14. Some Travancore Dynastic Records (3rd Series) : M. Rajaraj Varma Raja