P.J.Cherian ( Ed )
Essays on the Cultural Formation of Kerala
literature, Art, Architecture, Music, Theatre, Cinema


Cultural formation of Kerala B. Rajeevan
Surviving Flok Arts-orgin & development A.K.Nambiar
The Literary tradition of Kerala V.Aravindakshan
Traditional Performing Arts Forms Aymanam Krishna Kaimal
Modern Malayalam Theatre a brief History V.M Ramachandran
Music of Kerala Leela Omcherry
Painting & Sculpture- A Historical OverviIew R.Nandakumar
A Social History of Music in Contemporary Kerala R.Nandakumar
Kerala Architecture Balagopal T. S .Prabhu
Temple tradition in Kerala Shivaji Panikkar
Contruction of Images in the
--Art of Early Christian Churches
K.George Varghese
Malayalam Cinema.- the Pageant & the Parade K.V.Ramankutty
Murals of kerala M.G.Sasibhooshan